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Focus On Your Target Market for Your Company NameFocus On Your Target Market for Your Company Name


Recently we’ve been posting some blogs, where we’ve had our experts talk about some company names that we really like, whether or not we created them and it seems that everyone is excited by the blogs so we’ll do some more.

(see Awesome Name for a Company)

The purpose of these blogs is to help you learn what kind of name you want for your company so if you’re looking to name your own company, you’ve got some ideas and if you decide you want to work with us, you have some examples to tell us whether you like this one company name or don’t.

So to the company name: Sport Clips or Sport Clips Hair Cuts and the corresponding domain name  Our naming team loves this name and we’re going to tell you why.

First off, this company name and domain name is what we’d call a Compound Descriptive company name, and as we’ve said in the past that sometimes Compound Descriptive Company Names can be difficult to Trademark, our experts think that this company shouldn’t have a problem.  Even though they are using two common words and they’re descriptive, they are not typically found together and the company is, as we see it, a unique new business idea.

(To learn more about Compound Descriptive Company Names please check out this other blog.)

In fact, it appears that the name “Sport Clips” is trademarked as there seems to be a  after the name.  (As a side note, this means that the company submitted a trademark request and it was awarded.  If there was a TM next to the name, that would mean that either it has been sent and awaiting a response by the USPTO or the company is just initiating a Common Law Trademark, but these a blogs for another time.)

Ok, back to the name and why we love it.  Second, it’s really simple, really just two words, Sport and Clips and that’s enough to tell you what they do and what they’re about and that is very appealing to their target market, men.

Gone are the days of going to the barber, good luck looking for one of the red and white polls spinning around outside of a storefront.  But where does that leave men to get their hair cut? They’re not going to a salon, I can tell you that, so where does that leave men to go?  Well for a while men have been going to places like Super Cuts and similar places so this company saw an opportunity and went for it.

With their company name, they strike right at their target market, they go right for what men want and need.  They are telling men, what they do, Clips, and they tell men what they want to hear, Sports.  They are also telling men, with the word, Clips, that they are not a place that does “styles” because that’s too feminine or “Do’s” or any of those other fancy words that can also read feminine.

“Clips” also reads, quick, and short, again the company name appealing right to the target market of men.

This company clearly understands their target market, what they want and who they are, and for that we applaud them.  This is an example of looking at your business plan, looking at your target market and really understanding who they are and what they want.

Now looking at their name and their domain name, again, Sport Clips is right on the money.  Their company name is Sport Clips, but in case you didn’t get exactly what it is they do, they have incorporated the word “Haircuts” into their logo to clear any questions up.

Their domain name is so there is less chance to misspell it, and all research suggests that in general the shorter the domain name the less likely someone is to forget or misspell it.

Company Namings loves this name and every business should be target focused on their target market when they are considering their company name.

Here comes the plug!  We love this name and can create a name like this for your business so please let us know if you’re ready to name your company by taking a look at our custom naming packages or just keep reading for more great company naming suggestions.

Please also let us know also if you have any company names that you want us to discuss whether they’re bad, good or just plain ugly.

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Awesome Name for a Company

Awesome Name for a CompanyAwesome Name for a Company


We promised a while back that we would be bringing you some company names that stick out to us for good or bad reasons and, more importantly, why we think these business names work or in some cases don’t work.

A little while ago we came across this company and we just wanted to point them out; Skull Candy.

The staff here at Company Namings loves the company name Skull Candy, for a few reasons.  At first just by looking at the name you may not recognize what it is that they do but once you match the name to the product, you’ll never forget it.

In our other blog, Compound Descriptive Company Names we said that if you can get a compound descriptive company and trademark it, then they might be the best name but you are going to have trouble with both.  We mentioned in our other blog that perhaps and easier way to go would be to develop an evocative company name, where you allude to what is you do but don’t overtly say it and that is exactly what this company does.

Once you know that the product is head phones and you see skull candy you’ll never forget what is that they make.  Another great concept about this name is that you are not confined to head phones.  Because this name is evocative, you can expand into hat, skull caps, bandannas, ski masks or whatever you can put on your head.

The Company Namings team gives Skull Candy two thumbs up for their creative, evocative and interesting company name.

If you have any company names you would like our team to put on our blog and review please send them to the Company Namings Team and we’ll gladly do it.  Please also feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our company or services.