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5 Tips for an Outstanding Company Name

Theirs not doubt that we want you to get the best name for your company.  We also want to share all the information that we have so that you can either develop the company name yourself or choose from one of the names that we developed.

That said we’ve just launched our Company Namings YouTube Channel.  Here one of our Company Namings Team, Matt, will be sharing our knowledge with you just in video form.

That said, our first video 5 Tips for an Outstanding Company Name, well is just like what it sounds like, five great tips for setting your company apart with your name.  These tips include what we call a “personality match” between your name and your company, having your company name stand out and a few other tips you’re just going to have to watch the video for to find out.

Tips for and Outstanding Company Name:


We really hope that you like the vlog.  We’d love to hear what you think so please post your thoughts below or even on the YouTube page.  We’d really love to hear some of your questions for future vlogs or blogs, we’d really like to take some time to answer them.