Compound Descriptive Company Names How to Create a Company Name

Compound Descriptive Company Names

compound descriptive company names

Why Compound Descriptive Make Great Company Names

In a recent post called Creative Company Naming, we described some of the major types of company names that we proved here at Company Names and our approach to naming a company.

We said that we would individually describe the Evocative Company Names, Invented Company Names and Compound Descriptive Company Names and today we’ll discuss the last, Compound Descriptive.

Compound Descriptive Company Names are generally derived from the consumers experience and/or the key features of your company or products.  As an example, say you’re Employment Company, which places people in jobs.  Through your company name you’ll want to convey to employee side that you’ll be placing the right people in the right job and you want to convey to the employer that the people you’ll be placing are intelligent and bright.  A fitting Compound Descriptive name, and one from our inventory,  is “Employ Smart.”

Say you specialize on placing women; “Employ Women” might be an example and the reverse, “Employ Men.”  Please note that these are just examples and we are only using these names as examples. One really popular example of this type of compound descriptive name would be “Burger King,” they are the King of the Burger.

Examples of Available Compound Descriptive Company Names:

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Another type of Compound Descriptive Company Name would be one where we would combine attributes of your company.  Say you’re a company that delivers reports in a quick manner and you want to people to know that, something like “Reports Fast,” would be a great example.  One great example in the real world would be “Quicken Loans.”

A Compound Descriptive Company name may just be what you are looking for in a company name and it would just be one of the many types that we can come up for you with one of our Company Naming Packages.  Within the questionnaire you would receive let us know if you are interested in a Compound Descriptive Company Name.

If you have any question about this type of name or about our naming process please let us know by posting it below our feel free to contact our Company Namings Team.

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