Learn how the Company Namings Team names a company and what you can do yourself.

Don’t Let Your Company Name Blend In

How Company Namings Approaches Naming a Company The Company Namings Development Team can create a name for your company, business or product that clearly differentiates you in an ever crowded marketplace. Your company name will be one that people remember and one that will separate you from your completion. To do this, we need to get […]

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Remember Your Target Marked When Picking Your Product or Company Name

Focus On Your Target Market for Your Company Name   Recently we’ve been posting some blogs, where we’ve had our experts talk about some company names that we really like, whether or not we created them and it seems that everyone is excited by the blogs so we’ll do some more. (see Awesome Name for […]

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What is an Evocative Company Name and How Do I Create One

What is and Evocative Company Name and How Do I Create One Over the past few weeks we have broken down the three main types of company naming that we do here at Company Namings, of course there are lots of in between and gray area between them and way too much to discuss for […]

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Compound Descriptive Company Names

Why Compound Descriptive Make Great Company Names In a recent post called Creative Company Naming, we described some of the major types of company names that we proved here at Company Names and our approach to naming a company. We said that we would individually describe the Evocative Company Names, Invented Company Names and Compound […]

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Creative Company Naming

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This being our first official Company Namings blog and we wanted to bring you a bit about how we work and what kinds of names we develop. Do you remember the first time you heard someone use the name “Google?”  Did it grab your attention?  Did it make you think, “Hey what’s that” and “I’ve […]

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