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Where Do Company Name Ideas Come From?

How do companies come up with names for their company? How does an entrepreneur get ideas for naming their company or startup? Well, company names can come from anywhere but the best company names come from within.

We don’t want to sound too much like Yoda from Star Wars but, the best company name ideas do come from within. The greatest names cut to the core of your company or business. Look within your business to find its soul. However, it’s only then then that you can look at those aspects from the outside as your customers would.

This might sound all a little esoteric but, it’s true and we’re going to explain exactly it is what we mean.

Go get a pen or pencil and, we want to you to ask yourself a few questions about your company and write down the answers on a piece of paper, notepad or whatever. Create a list of words that describe your company or even product, this way you can refer back to your list.

Look at this list, what words jump out at you?  What words have you repeated a few times?  Don’t stop there though, there are a few more questions.

Wright down What your Company Name is and What it does!

Keep it short and simple, the Company Namings Team jokes about it as the “elevator speech.” We joke “ok, you just got in an elevator with an investor and you’ve got 10 floors or 30 seconds to explain to them what your company is and what it does, GO!” What do you write?

What are the needs that your company is addressing?

Why would people come to your company over another company in your field? Is your company faster, do you donate money to a charity; is your company more cost effective or does your company come with more features than your competitors? What is it about your company that separates you from the crowd and what is going to make your company successful?

Who is your consumer?

It’s imperative to know who your consumer or your target market is to develop the best company name.

For example, is your company primarily focused on men? If so, how old are they? Maybe your company is focused on women, is your product designed for use in the office, or for the home?

Is your customer, 20 years old, or are they looking to retire? Does your product get used at home or for use in the office? Is your consumer using their computer or is your consumer building a home? What is it that you want your customers to know about you?

This is one of the great question an entrepreneur should ask themselves which can lead you and your team.

What Do You Want to Communicate?

Further develop a list of these ideas you want your name to communicate. Add to your list what it is that you want to communicate to your customers about your company.

For example, do you want them to know that you’re faster than your competitors? Consider if you want your customers to know that your startup is environmentally friendly or that your software is the best on the market? Perhaps you want them to know that your company will make their life easier?

All these ideas should be added to your “ideas list.”

Review Your Company Ideas List:

Now look at this paper, look at the list and look at all of the words you’ve written down. Highlight the words you really like. This list is where some of your best company name ideas will come from. These words that you have written down should at least give you great ideas for your company name.

Let this list inspire you let it conjure more company name ideas. Let free association inspire more ideas and concepts.

We would be remiss if we didn’t also tell you to try to look at your company name ideas as if you were a potential customer. Sometimes you can get so involved within your company that you can’t look at it from the other side, not seeing the forest in count of the trees, as it were. Sometimes by asking friends, family, others in your industry, the best would be if you could ask your potential customers, how they feel about your company name ideas may help you view your ideas differently.

Featured Available Names for a Company

Showing your list to this group may spur company ideas from them. If it does, encourage them, don’t try to convince them of your name ideas, see what they have to say. You never know where the best company name ideas will come from, especially if it is coming from potential customers!

In case you are wondering, these questions might be reminding you of your Mission Statement or your Business Plan and you’d be right. Company Namings has found that the best company name ideas come from these places. As we said in our opening statement, the best company name ideas come from within, your Mission Statement and your Business Plan. It is there that you’ll find some of the best company name ideas.

Please let us know if you have any question by contacting the Company Namings Team and be sure to check out what the Company Namings Team can do for your business . With three great types of Company Naming Packages , we know we have what you need to develop the perfect name for your new venture.

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