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5 Tips for an Outstanding Company Name

Theirs not doubt that we want you to get the best name for your company.  We also want to share all the information that we have so that you can either develop the company name yourself or choose from one of the names that we developed.

That said we’ve just launched our Company Namings YouTube Channel.  Here one of our Company Namings Team, Matt, will be sharing our knowledge with you just in video form.

That said, our first video 5 Tips for an Outstanding Company Name, well is just like what it sounds like, five great tips for setting your company apart with your name.  These tips include what we call a “personality match” between your name and your company, having your company name stand out and a few other tips you’re just going to have to watch the video for to find out.

Tips for and Outstanding Company Name:


We really hope that you like the vlog.  We’d love to hear what you think so please post your thoughts below or even on the YouTube page.  We’d really love to hear some of your questions for future vlogs or blogs, we’d really like to take some time to answer them.

Get a Stand Out Company Name How to Create a Company Name

Don’t Let Your Company Name Blend In

don't let your company name blend in How Company Namings Approaches Naming a Company

The Company Namings Development Team can create a name for your company, business or product that clearly differentiates you in an ever crowded marketplace. Your company name will be one that people remember and one that will separate you from your completion.

To do this, we need to get to know your company or product.  We also need to get a look at your competition and in particular the types of company names people in your industry are using.  We get to this through our Name Briefing Form.

Here you’ll get to tell us about the core of what your company does, what you do, what you specialize in, what kind of company you are going to be even what you’ll be facing in the market place.

You can provide as much or as little information as you feel comfortable. Rest assured all of this information is kept 100% confidential.

So many company names are what we call “me-too” names. These are names that blend in with everyone else in the industry. This is because most companies when starting out try to emulate their competition or try to sound like others within their marketplace.

We’ve found that many entrepeneurs simply look to how others in their industry are naming their businesses and do something similar.  What people don’t realize is that when they use their competition as inspiration they just end up with a name that blends in and gets lost in the crowd.

a history of naming successWe understand, you may be an expert in your field but, we’re the experts in naming.

Blending in does not lead to long term sustained competitive advantage. So we will develop a series of names that will stand out in your industry.

Our company naming team will review your project, conduct research on our own and get to work developing super-hot names that are perfect for your unique business.

We’ll avoid names that sound like your completion instead we’ll develop names that grab the attention of your perspective clients. Don’t get lost in the shuffle!

Having a differentiated company name will not only help you stand out and grab some attention it may make your life easier if or when you decide to Trademark your company name.

We offer three different types of naming packages to choose from, so we know we can help you company find perfect name.

Give us a call or drop us a line on our Contact Us Page or Learn More About How We Do It Here.

Company Name Review How to Create a Company Name

Remember Your Target Marked When Picking Your Product or Company Name

Focus On Your Target Market for Your Company NameFocus On Your Target Market for Your Company Name


Recently we’ve been posting some blogs, where we’ve had our experts talk about some company names that we really like, whether or not we created them and it seems that everyone is excited by the blogs so we’ll do some more.

(see Awesome Name for a Company)

The purpose of these blogs is to help you learn what kind of name you want for your company so if you’re looking to name your own company, you’ve got some ideas and if you decide you want to work with us, you have some examples to tell us whether you like this one company name or don’t.

So to the company name: Sport Clips or Sport Clips Hair Cuts and the corresponding domain name  Our naming team loves this name and we’re going to tell you why.

First off, this company name and domain name is what we’d call a Compound Descriptive company name, and as we’ve said in the past that sometimes Compound Descriptive Company Names can be difficult to Trademark, our experts think that this company shouldn’t have a problem.  Even though they are using two common words and they’re descriptive, they are not typically found together and the company is, as we see it, a unique new business idea.

(To learn more about Compound Descriptive Company Names please check out this other blog.)

In fact, it appears that the name “Sport Clips” is trademarked as there seems to be a  after the name.  (As a side note, this means that the company submitted a trademark request and it was awarded.  If there was a TM next to the name, that would mean that either it has been sent and awaiting a response by the USPTO or the company is just initiating a Common Law Trademark, but these a blogs for another time.)

Ok, back to the name and why we love it.  Second, it’s really simple, really just two words, Sport and Clips and that’s enough to tell you what they do and what they’re about and that is very appealing to their target market, men.

Gone are the days of going to the barber, good luck looking for one of the red and white polls spinning around outside of a storefront.  But where does that leave men to get their hair cut? They’re not going to a salon, I can tell you that, so where does that leave men to go?  Well for a while men have been going to places like Super Cuts and similar places so this company saw an opportunity and went for it.

With their company name, they strike right at their target market, they go right for what men want and need.  They are telling men, what they do, Clips, and they tell men what they want to hear, Sports.  They are also telling men, with the word, Clips, that they are not a place that does “styles” because that’s too feminine or “Do’s” or any of those other fancy words that can also read feminine.

“Clips” also reads, quick, and short, again the company name appealing right to the target market of men.

This company clearly understands their target market, what they want and who they are, and for that we applaud them.  This is an example of looking at your business plan, looking at your target market and really understanding who they are and what they want.

Now looking at their name and their domain name, again, Sport Clips is right on the money.  Their company name is Sport Clips, but in case you didn’t get exactly what it is they do, they have incorporated the word “Haircuts” into their logo to clear any questions up.

Their domain name is so there is less chance to misspell it, and all research suggests that in general the shorter the domain name the less likely someone is to forget or misspell it.

Company Namings loves this name and every business should be target focused on their target market when they are considering their company name.

Here comes the plug!  We love this name and can create a name like this for your business so please let us know if you’re ready to name your company by taking a look at our custom naming packages or just keep reading for more great company naming suggestions.

Please also let us know also if you have any company names that you want us to discuss whether they’re bad, good or just plain ugly.

Company Name Discussions Company Name Review Evocative Company Name

Awesome Name for a Company

Awesome Name for a CompanyAwesome Name for a Company


We promised a while back that we would be bringing you some company names that stick out to us for good or bad reasons and, more importantly, why we think these business names work or in some cases don’t work.

A little while ago we came across this company and we just wanted to point them out; Skull Candy.

The staff here at Company Namings loves the company name Skull Candy, for a few reasons.  At first just by looking at the name you may not recognize what it is that they do but once you match the name to the product, you’ll never forget it.

In our other blog, Compound Descriptive Company Names we said that if you can get a compound descriptive company and trademark it, then they might be the best name but you are going to have trouble with both.  We mentioned in our other blog that perhaps and easier way to go would be to develop an evocative company name, where you allude to what is you do but don’t overtly say it and that is exactly what this company does.

Once you know that the product is head phones and you see skull candy you’ll never forget what is that they make.  Another great concept about this name is that you are not confined to head phones.  Because this name is evocative, you can expand into hat, skull caps, bandannas, ski masks or whatever you can put on your head.

The Company Namings team gives Skull Candy two thumbs up for their creative, evocative and interesting company name.

If you have any company names you would like our team to put on our blog and review please send them to the Company Namings Team and we’ll gladly do it.  Please also feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our company or services.

Company Name Discussions Evocative Company Name How to Create a Company Name

What is an Evocative Company Name and How Do I Create One

What is an Evocative Company Name and How Do I Create OneWhat is and Evocative Company Name and How Do I Create One

Over the past few weeks we have broken down the three main types of company naming that we do here at Company Namings, of course there are lots of in between and gray area between them and way too much to discuss for this blog, but be sure to check out for others.

We’ve talked about How We Approach Creative Company Naming and Compound Descriptive Company Names in past blogs and today I want to touch on the Evocative Company Name, how to create an Evocative Company Name what one can do for you.

The dictionary describes the term “evocative” as something that evokes or describes, reminds or is reminiscent of another thing and in the case of company naming that “thing” would be you company, product or service.  If you’ve read our blog, Compound Descriptive Company Names, you’ll know that many of the compound descriptive names have already been take, the easy and generic ones, such as,, or even but, with some imagination you can evoke these same company names with other names, and that dear reader is the beauty of the evocative company name.

Evocative Names for a Company:

[product_category category=”bold-business-name” per_page=”5″ columns=”5″ orderby=”date” order=”desc”]

The Evocative Company Name can really be a compound descriptive with the simple help of a good imagination.  One great positive of this type of name is that there is a good possibility that you can still get the dot-com domain name which is a must, and there is a good chance that you’ll be able to trademark the name, where you’ll have a lot of trouble with a compound descriptive.

Let’s take a look at some examples, is gone, I don’t even need to look it up, it was one of those generic names that was purchased in the 90’s and sold for a few hundred thousand dollars a few years ago but…let’s find an evocative name that may work.  How about “casa” for house, or “villa,” “Dwell,” “Casa,” or even “Crib?”  For “clean” you can put “sparkle” “fresh” “neat” “tidy” or how about “spotless?”

Would you know what a company called “” or “”

Evocative names don’t have to be a compound either.  Evocative Company Names can also be just one word, “Sparkleizm” or “Dwellea” or “Freshin” would also be evocative company names.

Now, we like to present all sides of the argument to you as well.  Overly descriptive names can be difficult to trademark, you obviously not Trademark the words “clean” or “sparkle” but you can possibly if the word is in combination with another word or it is one of the made up words that we came up with.  Also you have to think like your customer and evoke something in their minds because the name is for them, be it a B2B or for a consumer.

If the name is overly descriptive you may not let your potential clients know exactly what it is that your company is, does or what your services or products are.

If you have any questions about this type of company name or more about our how our naming company works, just let us know by posting your question below or feel free to contact the Company Namings team, we’re here to help.

Compound Descriptive Company Names How to Create a Company Name

Compound Descriptive Company Names

compound descriptive company names

Why Compound Descriptive Make Great Company Names

In a recent post called Creative Company Naming, we described some of the major types of company names that we proved here at Company Names and our approach to naming a company.

We said that we would individually describe the Evocative Company Names, Invented Company Names and Compound Descriptive Company Names and today we’ll discuss the last, Compound Descriptive.

Compound Descriptive Company Names are generally derived from the consumers experience and/or the key features of your company or products.  As an example, say you’re Employment Company, which places people in jobs.  Through your company name you’ll want to convey to employee side that you’ll be placing the right people in the right job and you want to convey to the employer that the people you’ll be placing are intelligent and bright.  A fitting Compound Descriptive name, and one from our inventory,  is “Employ Smart.”

Say you specialize on placing women; “Employ Women” might be an example and the reverse, “Employ Men.”  Please note that these are just examples and we are only using these names as examples. One really popular example of this type of compound descriptive name would be “Burger King,” they are the King of the Burger.

Examples of Available Compound Descriptive Company Names:

[woocommerce_products_carousel_all_in_one all_items=”10″ show_only=”id” out_of_stock=”false” exclude=”” products=”” categories=”43″ relation=”and” tags=”” ordering=”asc” template=”compact.css” show_title=”true” show_description=”false” allow_shortcodes=”false” show_price=”true” show_category=”false” show_tags=”false” show_add_to_cart_button=”true” show_more_button=”true” show_more_items_button=”false” show_featured_image=”true” image_source=”thumbnail” image_height=”100″ image_width=”100″ items_to_show_mobiles=”1″ items_to_show_tablets=”2″ items_to_show=”4″ slide_by=”1″ stage_padding=”0″ margin=”5″ loop=”true” stop_on_hover=”true” auto_play=”true” auto_play_timeout=”1200″ auto_play_speed=”800″ nav=”true” nav_speed=”800″ dots=”true” dots_speed=”800″ lazy_load=”false” mouse_drag=”true” mouse_wheel=”true” touch_drag=”true” easing=”linear” auto_width=”false” auto_height=”true” custom_breakpoints=””]


Another type of Compound Descriptive Company Name would be one where we would combine attributes of your company.  Say you’re a company that delivers reports in a quick manner and you want to people to know that, something like “Reports Fast,” would be a great example.  One great example in the real world would be “Quicken Loans.”

A Compound Descriptive Company name may just be what you are looking for in a company name and it would just be one of the many types that we can come up for you with one of our Company Naming Packages.  Within the questionnaire you would receive let us know if you are interested in a Compound Descriptive Company Name.

If you have any question about this type of name or about our naming process please let us know by posting it below our feel free to contact our Company Namings Team.

solar company compound name

Creative Company Naming How to Create a Company Name

Creative Company Naming

creative company naming
Creating Creative Company Names


This being our first official Company Namings blog and we wanted to bring you a bit about how we work and what kinds of names we develop.

Do you remember the first time you heard someone use the name “Google?”  Did it grab your attention?  Did it make you think, “Hey what’s that” and “I’ve got to check it out?” How about “HotMail” or even “Starbucks” or “Simply Casa?”  Did these names grab your attention, of course they did, they’re creative.

Now there are three main types of creative company names that provide with any number of other “types” that we create that are in between or amalgamations of them as well.  The main three are: Invented or Created Company Names, Evocative Company Names and Compound Descriptive Company Names, but all our naming recommendations are all creative company names.  Gone are the days of stodgy and boring company names, now if you are looking to get ahead and get your company noticed, you need to have a creative company name.

We’ll briefly describe the different types here but please follow the links to their own blogs to learn more about each and even tips for creating them:

Compound Descriptive Company Names can be creative names too.  These names are two or more words that describe your company, product or service, something like

You can have an Evocative Company Name, or a name that eludes, evokes or suggests what it is that you do without coming right out and saying it, for instance: “Casa Sparkle,” for a house cleaning service or “Great Leap” for a technology company.

Creative Company Names that We’ve Developed:

[woocommerce_products_carousel_all_in_one all_items=”10″ show_only=”id” out_of_stock=”false” exclude=”” products=”” categories=”” relation=”and” tags=”” ordering=”asc” template=”compact.css” show_title=”true” show_description=”false” allow_shortcodes=”false” show_price=”true” show_category=”false” show_tags=”false” show_add_to_cart_button=”true” show_more_button=”false” show_more_items_button=”false” show_featured_image=”true” image_source=”thumbnail” image_height=”100″ image_width=”100″ items_to_show_mobiles=”1″ items_to_show_tablets=”2″ items_to_show=”4″ slide_by=”1″ stage_padding=”0″ margin=”5″ loop=”true” stop_on_hover=”true” auto_play=”true” auto_play_timeout=”1200″ auto_play_speed=”800″ nav=”true” nav_speed=”800″ dots=”true” dots_speed=”800″ lazy_load=”false” mouse_drag=”true” mouse_wheel=”true” touch_drag=”true” easing=”linear” auto_width=”false” auto_height=”true” custom_breakpoints=””]


Then there is the Invented, Created or Brandable Company Name. These “invented” names or ones that don’t have any intrinsic meaning, for instance “Treslon.”  Then there are derivations, for example “Google.”  Did you know that the name “Google” is a derivation of the term “googol” which describes the number 1 with a hundred zeros (0) behind it?  But invented names can also be built around Latin or Greek “roots.”  Like the company name “biorr” where the Greek root word “bio” means life.

Creative company names grab your attention and get your company’s foot in the door.  Do you know how many people went to Google’s website just to check out what their website did just based on their name?  While we don’t have exact figures, we can tell you there were millions.

Now the founders of Google named their own company, based on their success they are quite a creative team in their own respect and figured this would be the route they wanted to take.

Not every entrepreneur or business owner is as creative as the founders of Google or have the time or know how to be able to be this creative nor do many small and midsized business have the money to go to large scale naming corporations.  These naming corporations are worth every dollar but not everyone has that capital upfront, so that is where Company Namings comes in.

Company Namings is a naming company built especially to help small and mid-sized businesses that are too busy to go through the lengthy process of creating an interesting and creative company name nor have the hundreds of thousands of dollars it takes to go to the large naming corporations.

Creative company names cut through the clutter in a crowded market place and get your business or product a place in the sun for instant recognition.  You just need to know what to do after your name get your foot in the door!

To check out our three different types of naming packages, Custom Company Naming for the Entrepreneur, Executive Custom Company Naming and Enterprise Custom Company Naming for the larger company, just follow their respective links but, you can guarantee that with all of our different types of naming, every naming recommendation will be creative.

Please let us know if you have any questions by posting it below or use our contact Company Namings page.  Also let us know if you would like our Custom Naming Questionnaire, which is the first step to getting the creative company name for your business.

company naming that stands out

About Company Namings Welcome to Company Namings

First Company Namings Blog

blog about how to name your companyWelcome to Company Namings and this is our first blog!

This site is dedicated to bringing you the best name for your company.  While we have the best company naming staff which is dedicated to helping you get the best name for your company we also have this blog to share our tips and suggestions for you to check out before and maybe after we name your company.

We will bring you tips for what to look for in a company name, how to choose your company name and we’ve come up with great suggestions and even how you can do free trademark searches to make sure you can use the name.

We even have great blog topics like, tips on getting creative and creating a company name, what is a compound descriptive company name and will a evocative company name work for me.

While Company Namings will bring you company names to choose from, it is going to be your ultimate responsibility to choose the best one for your company, and we will help you through that decision without blog posts.

Check out the tree different company naming packages we have; one to fit every level of naming or rebranding.