Unique Company Names

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Unique Company Names are names that stand out in an ever growing and ever confusing market place. A unique company name or product name can be like a shining beacon connecting you to your target market.

But a unique company name doesn’t just stand out, it tells people about what type of company you are. You’re telling people that your company or product is also unique or forward thinking. You’re saying that you’re not an old and stodgy business but rather you’re new and fresh and different and well… unique.

But what is a unique company name exactly? Well that’s difficult to say, it would really depend on what industry you’re going to be in. You might be thinking well that’s not very helpful but it really is true. Each industry has its own “norm” or general mass of companies doing the same thing when it comes to their names, they’re called “me too” names.

These “copy cat” company names are the ones that most entrepreneurs create themselves. They look around them and see names that they like and come up with something similar. This is totally understandable, entrepreneurs are specialist in their specific industry of field, just not in marketing and company naming, but that’s why we’re here. But these “me too” names can cause some seriously problems down the road.

Unique Company Names

The first issue is if you’re basing your company name on everyone else around you, how are your customers going to be able to distinguish you from your competitors? When your customers are looking for you online, they may get your name wrong or be off on the name a bit and go right to your competition. It happens all the time but not with a unique name that stands out.

With a unique company name, your customer many put your company description or product in a search engine like Google or Bing, and many things will come up, but they will be able to spot that name, your company immediately.

Another issue you may have if your name doesn’t stand out is you may run into trademark infringement issues down the road. The US Patent and Trademark Office has what’s called “Classifications of Goods and Services” and within those Classifications, there are rules about companies having to similar of a name; Confusingly Similar it’s called.

This was designed to protect both consumers from being fooled by imitation companies and the companies themselves from predatory businesses. If you have a name to close to others in your industry or “classification” you may get a letter down the road and need to change names.

This is where a unique company name comes in handy. If you’re doing something different from your competition and your unique name doesn’t sound like others in your field, you’ll have less of a chance of this happening.

The likelihood is, you’ll have an easier time trademarking your own company name when the time comes.

There are just so many ways a unique company name will come in handy and when we name companies and products, here at Company Namings, we stay clear of your competitors and others in your marketplace.

You’ll notice on our Naming Briefing Form, that we ask you your competitors. This way we get a good sense of what others are doing and we’ll stay clear of those “me too” names to make sure your name is unique and memorable.

Please let us know if we can help you develop a Unique Company Name for your business or product.