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Company Naming Tip #23

The name you choose for your company should echo the kind of company that you are.  One place to find inspiration for this evocative name is right in your Mission Statement or company motto.

For example, if your Mission Statement states that your company is dedicated to bringing the best products, at the best prices possible, try to incorporate this concept into your name.  If your company is dedicated to personal customer service, then might be something you’ll want to work into your name.

If your company has been designed to help people with housework or even fight cancer, consider incorporating those words or parts of those words into your name.

Incorporating key words, or emotions which are associated with your motto or mission statement tells the world what you do, or what you’re about, without beating them over the head.

You mission statement can be a treasure-trove of ideas and words in which you can build your company name around!

One word of warning, make sure your target market is NOT so overly specified or too small a niche.  You may overly restrict yourself and end up with nobody.  If your target is so aggressively small, you may not be leaving yourself enough potential clients for a successful company name strategy.

While Abe Lincoln said, if you try to be everything to everyone, you end up being nothing to no one, the opposite is true as well.

Always gear your company to your target market, just don’t be overly specific!

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