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Company Naming Tip 11

Sometimes more is well…. Just more.

During the company naming process, don’t be afraid to get down as many company name ideas you can down on the paper.  We’re talking the good, the bad, and the ones only a mother would love.

As a base of reference, when our Company Name Development Team is working a Custom Naming service, we generally produce a few thousand. Between our creativity exercises, mind mapping, and other proprietary processes, we’ll have a huge list to work from.

People sometimes ask if that’s too many ideas.  We’ve found, after you remove the names from the list, where you can’t procure the exact match dot-com domain, you’re suddenly left with not that many at all; and you keep narrowing down from there.

Never be concerned about getting really creative and developing a huge list.

At the end of the day:  the bigger the list + the more to choose from = better the company name ideas you’ll find!

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