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Company Naming Tip #21

Just because you’ve developed or acquired the perfect company name, doesn’t mean you’re done.

Picture this, you've just found the perfect name for your company or product, you’re done now right?

Well, don't sit down just yet.

Now you have to go out and get your name registered all the other places you’ll be promoting your company, in particular, social media companies. Go immediately to Twitter, FaceBook, get a YouTube channel registered under your new company name.

If you've read our company naming tips before, you'll know that it's a must, to have the exact same dot-com domain name as your company name.
On the contrary, our team feel it’s somewhat less important to have the exact matching name on these social media sites but you should try. Having the exact matching handle is always the best.

Get out and get your company name registered at all of your brand touch points!


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