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Company Naming Tips & Suggestion #3

“Don’t Tread on Me”, wasn’t just a battle cry of our forefathers it’s the battle cry of every business that feels they’re being infringed upon by someone using a confusingly similar business name.

A simple check with the USPTO or United States Patent and Trademark Office website will save everyone a lot of time and money.  Plugging your company name ideas into the website search section, will pull up everyone doing business under that name and under what "Classification of Goods and Services" in which they're doing business under.

Remember, just because someone is using the same name as you, doesn't mean you can't.  Think "United Airlines" and "United Moving Company," they've both Trademarked the name "United" but because they're in such different "Classifications" they both can use the same name.

Just make sure you are in a separate industry if you do see a assimilate  and not "confusingly similar" as the Trademark office would put it.

Don’t tread on someone else's company name ideas and make sure to protect your own.

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