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Company Naming Tip 24

Never underestimate the power of taking a few steps back from your company name ideas.  There’s an old adage “you can’t see the forest, because of the trees,” meaning, that sometimes you just get too close to something that you may miss the point.

For our purpose, when you’re naming your own company, you may find that you’ve been working hard and developing possible names and, they all make sense to you and you know the meaning behind them but, when you ask your friends they don’t seem to get it.  If your friends don’t get it, your customers won’t get it!

This scenario means you’re too close the naming project and you need to step back.

During the company naming process you’ll probably be doing mind mapping and other creative exercises where you’ll develop hundreds of company name ideas, all of whom make sense to you at the tip.  Simply write these name ideas down on a paper like you were back at school.  Now step away from the project and clear your head for a bit.

Take a break, you’ve worked hard.  It’s best if you take a day or two but, if you’re really short on time, even a couple of hours or a jog, shower or some other project, may be beneficial to clear your head.  Then revisit the project and your company name ideas.

You may find that your opinion of certain names has shifted after the break, and this is a good thing.  Don’t rush the company naming process!

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