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Company Naming Tip #12

Were you thinking about starting your business name with an article?

Well, if you’re going for a more homely or small-town feel, it may be a something to consider. For example, “The Corner Shop” or “The Cheese Shop.”

Whereas our Company Naming Team believes that starting your company name with an article may be a cute, it does come with some challenges.  To begin, you would have to promote the word “The.”  This means that you would also have to include the “The” into your domain name.

That in turn would lead to the second problem.  Your potential customers may forget to add the article when they’re typing your business name into browser.  And they’ll need to remember the article when they’re looking to contact you.

While we think it could be interesting to name your company with an article it does come with its own problems; proceed with caution.

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