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Company Naming Tips & Suggestion #15

Do you know where your Company Name and Domain Name have been?

If we had a dollar for every time our Mother’s asked us that question, well…..  But, on a more serious note, do you know where your company name and domain have been?

We’ve said it over and over again; your company name and your domain name need to be the same but do you know the history of those names?  The easiest way to find out is to do a simple Search Engine search.

Type your company name and/or domain name, together and separate; with and without the dot-com (check all variations) into any one of your Search Engines; Bing, Google, whatever, and see what comes up. If there are old pages from the former users floating around the web that’s fine but, click on them and see what they were using it for.

If the content you find is lascivious in any way that may be a big problem.  If it’s an adult site, you don’t want your potential customers to come across that and if malicious site, Search Engines may hold this agents you, even if you’re the new owner.

Dig deep, go back several pages, do your research; you don’t want someone else’s past hurting your future.

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