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Company Naming Tip #24

Ever consider an Experiential name for your Company?

The dictionary definition of “experiential” is, something that is derived from or pertaining to a particular experience. 

Therefore, an Experiential Company Name is one where the actual name for your company or product, is based on what a customer feels or experiences when using or dealing with your product or company.

First, let’s give a real-world service company example, say the browsing company, Safari.  Picture it, you’re off on safari.  What are you doing on safari?  You’re exploring, searching, looking for birds, or trying to glimpse lions, cheetahs, and elephants. 

Now, what are you doing when you’re using the browsing company Safari?  Well, you’re searching for that product you’ve heard of, you’re checking out different websites, and maybe hunting for good deals (going with the analogy here).

Now, let’s use a second example, a product this time, Quench the soft drink.  When you’re thirsty and you have a cold glass of your favorite beverage, what do you experience?  The beverage quenches your thirst.      

Here’s a third example, the “Warm Up Blanket Company.”  Here the blanket, both physically warms your body and has the positive associations with warmth and feelings of comfort and safety.

Experiential Company Names are powerful because feelings are powerful.  Consider your customers experiential emotions and consider basing your company name on them. 

If you can manage to move those positive emotions from your customers to your product or company, you’ll have a successful company name!

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