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Company Naming Tip 29

Ever hear of the “Stickiness Factor” of a company name?

The “stickiness” of a company name really just refers to the resonance or whether or not the company name will be remembered by your potential customers or Target Market and if so, for how long.

Ideally, you want your name and company to stay with the customer forever.  In reality, you need that customer to remember your company and name from the moment they become aware of it to the moment at the store when they're making a purchase.

It is ok, however if they “don't remember” your name all the time but you need them to recall it when they are at the store and faced with a huge wall of products including yours and your competition.  You need them to remember your company and to then buy it.

Research has found that consumers tend to remember unusual names or even ordinary names if they are paired with a tagline or have some other pneumonic device with them.  For example, names that rhyme, or are matched with a jingle or iteration.

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