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Company Naming Tips & Ideas

Picture yourself at a party or a conference of your peers; now picture yourself telling someone your company name. What’s their response?

Is that person at the conference confused by your name, do they have an idea of what you’re business is doing, do they have an idea what your product does or do you have to explain the name to them, are you confusing yourself?

Your company name needs to be evocative or self-explanatory. If you’re trying hard to tell people what your company does after you tell them you company name, maybe it’s time to rethink it.  If you’re going with an evocative company name over a descriptive company name, your potential customer must at least get a feel for your company, they must know whether your business or product is going to be interesting, or solid, or creative, innovative or have rock solid security.

Sometimes people realize, as they’re trying to explain the connection between their name and product, that their company name isn’t really a match.  So don’t be shy about telling people your company name ideas, even though you may not get the reaction you want, you may get the idea that you have to consider a name change.

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