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Company Naming Tip #17

Consider who your company name is for… who it’s really for!

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times, your company name is NOT for you.  The first sign of narcissism is believing everything is about you and while you may believe that because you’re the found of the company, the company should be named after you, you’re missing a huge opportunity.

Yes, you started the company and yes, many companies are named after the founder but, the most successful entrepreneurs know the power of a targeted company name.

The right, targeted company name can work for you and do some heavy lifting in terms of marketing and advertisement.    

While it might be quick, easy, and gratifying to simply name your startup company after yourself, you’re missing a huge opportunity to have your name do some heavy lifting for the overall success of your new company.

We’ve may have said it a million times in the past but, it’s well worth repeating, your company name is not as much for you as it is for your target market. Your target market is the one that has to hear, see, understand and connect with your name.

Yes, you have to be the one that lives with the name but it’s your target market that has to respond to it.

If you build your company just for yourself and no one understands it, your company won’t be around for very long!

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