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A company name is what exactly?  Sure it’s a name for your company or business but it’s much more than that, it’s a representation, it’s a symbol, it’s advertising, a company name is a lot of things.

We’ve asked some of the staff here, what a company name is for them or to them.  Here is what some of them have come up with, enjoy!

A Company Name …

  • Can get your company or product some great attention for your business when you are just starting out.  Do you remember the first time you heard the name “Google” “Yahoo” or “Apple” they were different, the stuck out and they stayed in your mind.  A great company name will be one that stays with you, and will be one that you remember when you need that service.
  • Will separate you from your competitors.  A lot of companies when first starting out look at their competitors companies as inspiration, and end up with what we call a “me too” name, these are names that sound and look just like the other names in their industry.  You’re not looking to blend in with the crowd, because you’ll be easily overlooked, you’re looking to stand out and be noticed and that’s, the kind of name we develop at Company Namings.
  • Will be with you for a long time so pick one that you think will not only work for you today but tomorrow and twenty years from now.   There is nothing worse than rebranding a company after it’s already established.  The cost of collateral material is the least of the problem, think about the brand equity and the customers you can lose when changing your name latter.
  • Can grow and expand with you.  Think long term with your company name, we know that right now you may be focusing on one thing but what about down the road you may want to expand and branch out.  If your company name is to restricting or limiting you may be forced to start a separate entity with no brand equity or you might have to rebrand.  If you think about this going into the naming process, you’ll save a lot of heartache down the road.
awesome name for a company
an awesome name for a company

What a Standout Company Name Can Do:

A Company Name … is not only your name, it’s the physical representative  of your brand at all your brand touch points.  That means everywhere your client and potential customers see your company name, it needs to look good.  Think about what your name will look like on a business card, van, billboard or TV.  Yes, it’s going to be nicely designed in a logo but there is only so much that a designer can do, consider the letters and how they flow together.

A Company Name … should be short and powerful.  Your potential clients may just have a few seconds to hear, comprehend and remember your company name.  The longer and more confusing your name, the more likelihood that they will get it wrong or not remember it at all.

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A Company Name … should not be limiting to one geographical area.  Unless you’re one dentist working in one area and NEVER plan on leaving that area or adding more staff, and you’re happy with that, you should never use geographic areas.  If you are just going to stay in the Phoenix area or Southern California that’s fine but you don’t want to be Saratoga Real Estate and working in Minnesota.

A Company Name … should fit the demographic of your target market customers.  Always, always think like your customers and put yourself in their shoes.  How would they think of your company name?  You might be young but if your target market is seniors, would they like your company name?

A Company Name … should be one you love, one that your existing clients love, and one that your potential customers love; that’s exactly what we do here at Company Namings.  We think like your potential customers and we look at your company from the inside out and align your company name with you core goals and strategies with what you want your potential customers to think of you for a streamlined company name!