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Company Naming Tips & Suggestions

company naming tips and suggestions

Below you’ll find some of our past company naming Tips and suggestions.  These suggestions have been prepared by our consultants and have, many times, based on real questions by entrepreneurs which we have fielded in the past.

Enjoy and please let us know if you have any tips or suggestions of your own by posting  them below. Also please let us know if you have any questions of your own, which you would like our experts to answer.

Company Naming Tips and Suggestions:

company naming ideas and tips

Company Name Suggestion #46

When naming your company, business or product, consider your long term strategy; you have to look ahead to the future.

Don’t take a name now, that you’re going to find limiting to your company later. For example, you may be opening a pen store and all you want to do is sell pens so, you’re going to name your company Pens, Pens & Pens.  That’s great for today and the next two years but what happens down the line when you want to expand into erasers and pencils and other stationary?

ideas for naming a company

If you are going to expand in the future to include more and different products, don’t get a very specific company name, you’re just going to restrain yourself.  For this instance, Stationary and More (not creative but you get the point) or Stuff for Your Desk, you get the point.

Company Naming works for your geographic locations as well. You may want to Pens of Minneapolis but what happens when the time comes and you’re looking to expand.  Expand into another town, state or country; don’t choose a brand name that is going to limit you to any specific area.
Think ahead! Don’t let your company name of today, and limit you to anything in the future.

company naming ideas and tips

Company Name Suggestion #45

If you’re familiar with Company Namings, you’ll know that this section is where our Company Naming Team shares great tips for naming your company. However, this week we’d like to let you know about some great changes we’ve made at our site.

Our Team, has always and will always, offer you three different types of custom company naming. So, don’t worry if you haven’t taken advantage of that yet, but were looking forward to it, we just now have something new for as well!

Company Naming is proud to present pre-developed company names that you can just look through, chose and get started with.  If you’re short on time or flip through and see the company name of your dreams, you’re set to go!

Be sure to visit our two new company name selections, Powerful Names for a Company and Fresh Available Company Names.

Check them out and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team!

company naming ideas and tips

Company Name Suggestion #45

Your company name has to convey what you are and/or what you do. While we are not suggesting that you have to be overly specific company name as that may be really constricting in the future but, you do have to convey what type of business you are.

Simply, if you’re a tech company, your company name has to be interesting and forward thinking. If however, you’re a security company, hospital or construction based startup, your company name has to sound safe and secure.

Company names need to convey the feeling or emotion of your actual business or product with out beating someone over the head with what you do or are. Our experts always suggest that you leave yourself some “breathing room” for expansion in the future.

Think about what you do today, but plan for what you may be doing in the future!

company naming ideas and tips

Company Name Suggestion #44

When you’re naming your company, don’t let your preconceived notions get in the way. By that we mean, what type of name, what kind of name or any other notions for that matter, get in the way of you developing the best name for your new venture.

Too often we hear, during our Custom Company Naming service, people say, “I don’t want a really creative name” or “we want a descriptive name for our company.”

Keeping that in mind, we’ve experienced that 9 times out of 10, when we’ve present these business owners with an interesting or creative company name, they are, at least, intrigued.

The point of this Company Naming Tip is to not discount any particular type of company name. Particularly during the creative process, when you’re coming up with as many name ideas as possible, you don’t want to hamper the creative process by limiting yourself to only one “type” of name.

You also may be surprised by a company name that you would have never thought of before.

company naming ideas and tips

Company Name Suggestion #43

Can people picture your company name?  Are there any visual images that are associated with your name?  By that we mean, when you tell people your company name can they picture it in their head by direct association (i.e. – Truck Stop) or by imagery (i.e. – RyBlue)?

Company names which have visual imagery are more likely to stay in people’s mind which is exactly what you’re looking for.  It’s called mnemonics or a mnemonic device where you can give someone something visual, tangible or mental to get them to remember whatever it is, in this case your company name.

This is a great branding opportunity as well.  When people hear the company name Ryblue they picture the color blue, now when they’re out in the marketplace be it the grocery or shopping online and your product, products or even your office where people get your service is blue or parts are blue, your developing a brand around your color and company name.

The same is true with the more literal case of “Truck Stop.”  If you add a tagline like “The Truck Stops Here,” and throw in some trucks, you’re developing your brand around your company with imagery and that will stick in their mind.

If people can picture your company name, they will remember it!

company naming ideas and tips

Company Name Suggestion #42

Think about the advertising potential of your company name. Will someone be able to see your company or company name ideas at this point and know what your company does, what your product is or at least, what type of company you are, and by that we mean do you have a cool sounding company name for a cool company or safe sounding company name for a safe company?

Your company name should not only reflect the type of company you are but it should be advertising advertising potential for your venture. Your company name should grab attention, even more important, it should grab the attention of your potential customers, your target market.

A great company name will work for you. A great company name will make people notice and get people in the door or to your website, it’s up to you to close the deal and keep them but your company should help get them there.

Make your company name work for you!

company naming ideas and tips

Company Name Suggestion #41

Don’t forget to test your company name ideas.  You may think that you’ve come up with the best company name ideas but, if no one gets it or know what you’re talking about, it doesn’t matter.

Take your company name ideas and get together people, preferably your target market, and ask them how they feel about your company name.  See how your potential customers react to your name ideas, do they like, not like it, or find it confusing?

This is the best way to see if your name connects with your audience.  Even if you can’t gather people from your target market, there’s no harm with asking friends and family.  You may be surprised by what they say or they may even come up with suggestions themselves.

company naming ideas and tips

Company Name Suggestion #40

Company Namings realizes that you’ve been preparing for opening your business for a very long time and you’re ready to go.  You don’t want to wait another minute to get your company name and get started; we know that, that’s why we have our Express Custom Naming Package where we can get back to with your new company name within five business days.

You’ve waited to get that company going long enough, get started with the Company Namings Express Custom Naming Package, you’ll get a great company name and matching domain name within five business days.

To learn more about the Express Custom Company Naming Package please follow the link, you’ll be glad you did.

company naming ideas and tips

Company Name Suggestion #39

“In a world of carbon copies, here’s to an original.”  That adage is as true today as it was 50 years ago when people know what carbon copies are.

When you’re looking for a company to mow your lawn, fix your leaking roof, help you name your company, and you look online and you see a list of companies think about which one you’re going to choose, the one with the great name, the one that stands out or one of the other owns.

If your company name doesn’t stand out, you’ll just be lumped into the crowd with all of the other company names. Your name needs to be noticeable, interesting and attention grabbing enough that when your potential client comes across yours mixed in with all the other company names, they are going to pick yours, and what that is, really depends on your industry and your target market.

company naming ideas and tips

Company Name Suggestion #38

We know that here at Company Namings that we’re a known for our custom company naming but we thought that we would put some examples of company names that we have already created.

These are just some examples of what the Company Namings Team can do. We did develop these names not know what they would be used for but, we think it will also give you some examples of what we can do.

Another exciting thing about these company names is that they are all available for sale.   If you’re interested in any of these names, you’re free to purchase them right off the site.  So if you’re ready to start your company and one of these names work for you.  Get one and get going!

Check out, Names for a Company, today.

company naming ideas and tips

Company Name Suggestion #37

Before an entrepreneur launches their company, or even get’s a loan, they need a company name.  Of the entrepreneurs who choose to name their own company, many find themselves in the same situation.

It’s often during this naming process that many an entrepreneur get stuck.  This impasse comes from frustration the inability to make a final decision.   

The advice which we give to many clients is to stop, take a breath, and work on something else for a time period.  The naming experts here like to say that you may have to wait for that “ah ha” moment.

As you’re developing name, there’s lots of ideas flowing and everything else launching a business comes with.  The company naming process alone is filled with notes, ideas, and quite possibly whiteboards filled with words, partial words, names, competitors, and the rest.

You may find this a stressful situation.

Therefore, we suggest that the entrepreneur lay all of their ideas then push them to the side.  Don’t get rid of them just put them somewhere that’s easily accessible, maybe even still in sight.

Take a step back, or work on something else for a little bit.  Every once-in-a-while, take a glance over that your ideas. 

Is there an idea, or part of an idea that you’re naturally drawn to?  Sometimes something new will pop out at you and grab your attention. We’ve all heard Oprah call it an “Ah ha” moment.  Others may call this burst of inspiration, a lightbulb going off.

Of the ideas on the table which did pop out to you, put them together.  Try taking these words add them together in different ways.  First one in front of the other, then in all different combinations.

You may find that one or more of these combinations will be the perfect company name for you.

company naming ideas and tips

Company Name Suggestion #36

Right now, you may only sell jackets and you think “Jackets, Jackets, Jackets,” works as your new company name.

Don’t fall into that trap.

A super specified name will only get you into trouble in the long run.  Now, you might be thinking that a very specific name will let everyone know what you do or what you sell.

In addition, you may have heard that specific names and domain names will help you with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  So, when customers type your name in a web browser you’ll be the first to come up but, that’s not true anymore.

Company naming experts agree, the problem with an overly specific company name is that you’re stuck with it.  And, you’ll be stuck with that name when/if the time comes that you’re looking to expand, and we mean expand geographically, expand products on offer, expand services, or, well, you get the idea.

It’s going to be incredibly difficult to start selling pants at “Jackets, Jackets, Jackets.”

You’ll almost have to segment your company if you’ll want to expand.

When naming a company, avoid overly specific names, unless you have no desire to expand or move that business and you’re content with one product, service, or location.

company naming ideas and tips

Company Name Suggestion #35

Have you done an industry analysis to see what type of company name you’re going to go with?

Take a look around your industry and see what other people have named their company.  Look at the types of names you and note the ones you don’t.

It really important to see what’s going to because you want to figure out they type of company name you’re going to go with, for example a compound name like Facebook (to read more about compound descriptive company names, read here), an evocative company name (read more about evocative company name or an invented or created company (read more about invented company names).

Analyzing the company names within your industry you’ll get a good idea of which type of name is prominent within your industry to make sure you avoid these names, to make sure that your name stands out.

Get out there see what other people are doing, see what you like, see what you want to do and create your company name so that you stand out and get some great attention for your company!

company naming ideas and tips

Company Name Suggestion #34

Every entrepreneur should know the difference between a trade name and a trademarked company name, do you?

Here’s the quick explanation:

Simply put, you can think of a “trade name” as a “DBA” or “Doing Business As.”  This means, this Trade Name does not have to be your “actual” business.  However, it can be.

According to the Small Business Administration, a trade name doesn’t “afford any brand name protection or provide you with unlimited rights for the use of that name.”

That can all be changed if you decide register that trade name with the USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office, and you should).

And, that that gets us to a trademark.  A trademark is completely protective and it can even be expanded out into your logo.  Moreover, you can add a tagline and even symbols to your trademark.

The SBA has a great article on the difference and that can be found at this link.  We think you’ll find this article informative and what you need to know when developing a great company name.

company naming ideas and tips

Company Name Suggestion #33

A great company name is one that grabs attention and stands out.  One way to achieve this is by using a common word or name from one industry, in another.  This once common name or word becomes something entirely different in a new setting or environment. 

A great example of this new word use, appears in the semibiographical movie “Jobs.”  Here we see Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the founders of Apple, during his company naming process.  They’re getting creative and bouncing different names around when (according to the movie), Jobs has an epiphany.

The name “Apple” pops into Jobs’ head as apples are refreshing and everyone wants one.  While we’re not really sure how true or not this is, however, he was absolutely correct about the thinking and name.

While the name “apple” is a common word, an everyday object actually, it’s completely unexpected within the technology industry.  The tech industry, particularly at the time when Apple was created, was dominated by companies with names such as IBM, Hewlett Packard and the like.

To see the word “apple” in the food and beverage industry or in an actual market, isn’t groundbreaking.  However, “Apple” takes on an entirely new meaning and jumps out within an industry full of stodgy old names, such as the tech field was then.

company naming ideas and tips

Company Name Suggestion #32

Simply stated, one of the best tips our experts can share is this, take your time when naming your company.

Since you’re already reading our post and blog, we know you’re doing your research.  Take your time and continue reading, educating, and studying what goes into the company naming process.  Learn everything you can on naming your company or product. 

Don’t rush, understand what kind of company names you like and which ones you don’t.  The experts know the naming process can take some time.  While the process takes time, it needs to be undertaken to develop a powerful, effective and great company name.

We know that there’s a lot of pressure on you to pull a name together quickly.  There’s a lot of pressure to get your company going and brining in some money but, don’t succumb to the pressure. 

Your choosing your company name may be the most important decision you’re going to make. Slow down and take your time and get the right company name first time.

company naming ideas and tips

Company Name Suggestion #31

Our entire company is based around finding our clients the best name for their company. With that said, we’ve heard people say, “how important your company name anyway?”

We have to say, it’s really, really important. Like super important!

Choosing the right company name is amongst the most important early decisions you can make when launching your company.

Your company name is like a flag or banner that your business or product can all rally behind. Your company name also sets the tone of your business and is likely to be the first introduction your Target Market has with your venture.

Your company name can’t guarantee the success or failure of your new venture. However, your company name can really grab you some much needed attention when you first start out.

A great company name can stand out in a really crowded market place. This is especially important for a company just starting out.

Think of yourself in a crowded room full of people and everyone is talking, how are you going to be heard?

A great company name is like having a bullhorn in that crowded room and you are sure to be heard and grab some attention.

So, what are you waiting for? Get Company Namings working for you today!

company naming ideas and tips

Company Name Suggestion #30

Ever hear of the “Stickiness Factor” of a company name?

The “stickiness” of a company name refers to the resonance or memorability of the name.  Moreover, whether or not the company name will be remembered by your potential customers or Target Market.  Furthermore, if the company name is remembered, for how long.

Ideally, an entrepreneur wants their name and company to stay with the customer forever.  In reality, you really need that customer to remember your name, from the moment they hear it, to the moment they need what it is your product does or company sells.

It is ok if your startup name isn’t always remembered but, you do need your name to be recalled when your customer is standing at a wall of similar products in the store.  You need your target market to remember your name, then choose to buy it.

The research shows, that consumers tend to remember unusual names.  Similarly, consumers are prone to remember even ordinary names if they are paired with a tagline or have some other pneumonic device associated with them.  For example, names that rhyme, or are matched with a jingle or alliteration.

Company Namings, creates just theses creative and sticky names.  We can work with you to create a tagline or mnemonic device to help your target market remember your name.  Get us working for you today!

company naming ideas and tips

Company Name Suggestion #29

Can your company name pass the fifth-grade spelling test?

These are the “3 C’s of the 5th Grade Spelling Test” –

  • If a ten or eleven-year-old can’t spell your company name consider changing it.
  • If that same child struggles pronouncing your company name, consider changing it.
  • If that child has trouble remembering your company name, consider changing it.

The “5th Grade Spelling Test” is our cute name for the expression “LCD” or “Lowest Common Denominator.”  This LCD is just a cute reminder to not make things overly complicated, in this instance, your company name.

This exercise or “Spelling Test” is just a cute way to get you to think like your potential customers.  We want you to picture yourself as your customer would, with absolutely no knowledge of your company.  Moreover, as if you’ve never heard of your company, and are being introduced to if for the first time. 

If you’re hearing it for the first time, would you have any trouble pronouncing or spelling your company name?

Remember people not only have to remember your name but, they have to type your name into their browser.  One simple misspelling or wrong character and they may not find you on the web.

Keep your company name simple and easy to grasp.  If going forward, picturing a 5th grader at a spelling test, reading and communication your company name ideas helps keep your names simple, our work here is done!

company naming ideas and tips

Company Name Suggestion #28

Can your company name be pronounced in a multitude of different ways?

Sound out your company name, have your friend sound out your company name, ask anyone and everyone to sound out your company name.  One note; if you’re having others pronounce your company name ideas, it’s very important that you don’t pronounce it for them; you need an unbiased reading.

You may be surprised by how they pronounce your names.  Your test subjects (friends and family) may breakdown your names differently than how you expected them to and that’s really how your potential customers may break your name down as well.

You may think that your company name choice is perfect but consider how your test subjects broke that name down.  Think about how the vowels can be pronounced and how the different syllables can sound.

Now, just because they can pronounce the name differently does not mean you have to start over, it just means you’ll have to educate the consumer.  You really just have to make sure there are no hidden pronunciations that have a negative connotation.

You may think that your company name is easy to pronounce and communicate but others may have a hard time at it.  Keep testing and you’ll get to the bottom of it.

company naming ideas and tips

Company Name Suggestion #27

Let me paint you a pretty typical scenario; an entrepreneur is launching a startup. They’ve set the entire thing up, been to a ton of trade-shows, learn all about field which they’re entering into and, they just need to come up with a company name.

At this point most entrepreneurs look within their own field or marketplace to see what kinds of company names they like and develop one just like the ones they saw and liked.

It sounds like a good idea but there is a huge problem with doing just that.

The first problem you’ll face is if you are basing your company name on others, how are you going to distinguish yourself from your completion?

At Company Namings, we call this type of name the “me too” names.  You’ll see 10, 15 or even 20 names that all look, sound and feel the same, within the same industry; it can get very confusing.

You need a company name that is going to stand out in your field, a company name that will set you apart and get you attention, not one that is going to be lost in the group.

Secondly you may run into trademark issues if your business name is “confusingly similar” to one that has been doing business already.

Learn how we approach naming and how we can separate your company name from your competition for some extra attention!

company naming ideas and tips

Company Name Suggestion #26

The best company names can sometimes be found in common places.  Common words from within one industry used within another can really stand out.

Not really sure what the heck we’re talking about, one word…. Apple.

The tech company name Apple doesn’t stand out in a grocery store or for even a food-based product.  Moreover, you’ll likely never be able trademark the name within the Food & Beverage industry as the word “apple” is part of the American vernacular.

However, using the same company name within the tech and IT industries, the name instantly stands out.  Whoever thought to use a fruit or vegetable name in the tech industry is simply brilliant. 

As we stated before, you’ll never be able to Trademark the name within the F&B industry, you’ll likely be able to within the tech industry. 

Think about what name, even a seemingly common on, from a different industry then yours, would make a splash where you’re competing!

company naming ideas and tips

Company Name Suggestion #25

Never underestimate the power of taking a few steps back from your company name ideas.  There’s an old adage “you can’t see the forest, because of the trees,” meaning, that sometimes you just get too close to something that you may miss the point.

For our purpose, when you’re naming your own company, you may find that you’ve been working hard and developing possible names and, they all make sense to you and you know the meaning behind them but, when you ask your friends they don’t seem to get it.  If your friends don’t get it, your customers won’t get it!

This scenario means you’re too close the naming project and you need to step back.

During the company naming process you’ll probably be doing mind mapping and other creative exercises where you’ll develop hundreds of company name ideas, all of whom make sense to you at the tip.  Simply write these name ideas down on a paper like you were back at school.  Now step away from the project and clear your head for a bit.

Take a break, you’ve worked hard.  It’s best if you take a day or two but, if you’re really short on time, even a couple of hours or a jog, shower or some other project, may be beneficial to clear your head.  Then revisit the project and your company name ideas.

You may find that your opinion of certain names has shifted after the break, and this is a good thing.  Don’t rush the company naming process!

company naming ideas and tips

Company Name Suggestion #24

Ever consider an Experiential name for your Company?

The dictionary definition of “experiential” is, something that is derived from or pertaining to a particular experience. 

Therefore, an Experiential Company Name is one where the actual name for your company or product, is based on what a customer feels or experiences when using or dealing with your product or company.

First, let’s give a real-world service company example, say the browsing company, Safari.  Picture it, you’re off on safari.  What are you doing on safari?  You’re exploring, searching, looking for birds, or trying to glimpse lions, cheetahs, and elephants. 

Now, what are you doing when you’re using the browsing company Safari?  Well, you’re searching for that product you’ve heard of, you’re checking out different websites, and maybe hunting for good deals (going with the analogy here).

Now, let’s use a second example, a product this time, Quench the soft drink.  When you’re thirsty and you have a cold glass of your favorite beverage, what do you experience?  The beverage quenches your thirst.      

Here’s a third example, the “Warm Up Blanket Company.”  Here the blanket, both physically warms your body and has the positive associations with warmth and feelings of comfort and safety.

Experiential Company Names are powerful because feelings are powerful.  Consider your customers experiential emotions and consider basing your company name on them. 

If you can manage to move those positive emotions from your customers to your product or company, you’ll have a successful company name!

company naming ideas and tips

Company Name Suggestion #23

The name you choose for your company should echo the kind of company that you are.  One place to find inspiration for this evocative name is right in your Mission Statement or company motto.

For example, if your Mission Statement states that your company is dedicated to bringing the best products, at the best prices possible, try to incorporate this concept into your name.  If your company is dedicated to personal customer service, then might be something you’ll want to work into your name.

If your company has been designed to help people with housework or even fight cancer, consider incorporating those words or parts of those words into your name.

Incorporating key words, or emotions which are associated with your motto or mission statement tells the world what you do, or what you’re about, without beating them over the head.

You mission statement can be a treasure-trove of ideas and words in which you can build your company name around!

company naming ideas and tips

Company Name Suggestion #22

If you’ve heard the Company Naming Team say it once, you’ve heard the team say it a thousand times, the most effective company names focus on your Target Market.

We get it, you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished, launching a company. However, that doesn’t mean you need to name your company after yourself. The best company names are the ones designed to have the most impact on your target market.

Focus your name on your target market. And, that Target Market must be defined before you launch your startup or open your business.  You have to know who you’ll be going after within your market.

Of course, you’ll be happy if everyone wants, needs, and uses your company, however you need to specify one specific group or demographic to focus your company on.  And that’s who your company name should be designed for.

Once you’ve designated them, design your company name around your Target Market and what you know they’ll respond and react too.

One word of warning, make sure your target market is NOT so overly specified or too small a niche.  You may overly restrict yourself and end up with nobody.  If your target is so aggressively small, you may not be leaving yourself enough potential clients for a successful company name strategy.

While Abe Lincoln said, if you try to be everything to everyone, you end up being nothing to no one, the opposite is true as well.

Always gear your company to your target market, just don’t be overly specific!

company naming ideas and tips

Company Naming Tip 21

Just because you’ve developed or acquired the perfect company name, doesn’t mean you’re done.

Picture this, you’ve just found the perfect name for your company or product, you’re done now right?

Well, don’t sit down just yet.

Now you have to go out and get your name registered all the other places you’ll be promoting your company, in particular, social media companies. Go immediately to Twitter, FaceBook, get a YouTube channel registered under your new company name.

If you’ve read our company naming tips before, you’ll know that it’s a must, to have the exact same dot-com domain name as your company name.
On the contrary, our team feel it’s somewhat less important to have the exact matching name on these social media sites but you should try. Having the exact matching handle is always the best.

Get out and get your company name registered at all of your brand touch points!

company naming ideas and tips

Company Naming Tip 20

Have you considered an “evocative” name for your new company or product?

While a descriptive name for your company is initially appealing, (one that describes exactly what you do Shoe Locker, Closets, Closets, Closets, Shirts Only, ect.) it can end up restricting you to one product or service.  An evocative company name may leave your business more opportunities to expand.

An evocative company name merely suggests at what it is that you do but doesn’t exactly say.  Because evocative company names are not specific, they’re become intriguing and can cause interest in what it is that you do; creating excitement around your business.

If you’re interested to learn more about evocative company names, we’ve prepared a larger, more in depth blog about what they can do for you and how you can either pick one or create one on your own.  Evocative Names for a Company

company naming ideas and tips

Company Naming Tip 19

What’s the age range of your Target Market that you’re designing your company name for?

When naming your company, you must always remember your target market.  Not just keep this group in your mind but know the specifics about them.

You’re designing your company name to have the maximum impact on them!

Recently we posted a blog about age specific target market focused product names. We really want people to remember that if you’re product is designed for men aged 18 to 35, you’re not going to want something that your grandma would buy and vice versa.

Your target market isn’t just gender and income segmentation, remember how old your demographic is and design your company and product name around that.

company naming ideas and tips

Company Naming Tip 18

Consider who your company name is for… who it’s really for!

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times, your company name is NOT for you.  The first sign of narcissism is believing everything is about you and while you may believe that because you’re the found of the company, the company should be named after you, you’re missing a huge opportunity.

Yes, you started the company and yes, many companies are named after the founder but, the most successful entrepreneurs know the power of a targeted company name.

The right, targeted company name can work for you and do some heavy lifting in terms of marketing and advertisement.

While it might be quick, easy, and gratifying to simply name your startup company after yourself, you’re missing a huge opportunity to have your name do some heavy lifting for the overall success of your new company.

company naming ideas and tips

Company Naming Tip 17

There’s no harm in flipping open a thesaurus and looking for inspiration during the company naming process.

Company names need to be creative and evocative. If you’re having trouble coming up with a name like this, here’s a tip, describe your company by listing words that describe what your company does and describe it.

Looking at these words, consider if there are possibly other words that say the same or similar but are more creative. If you’re having trouble coming up with these more descriptive, compelling or evocative alternatives that’s were the thesaurus comes in.

Not everyone has an amazing vocabulary, or spicy lexicon nor do you have to be. While you’re starting a company or launching a tech startup, not a poet or English teacher you should know where to go for help on your company name.

Great company names are out there, you just need to know where to look!

company naming ideas and tips

Company Naming Tip #16

Picture yourself at a party or a conference of your peers; now picture yourself telling someone your company name. What’s their response?

Is that person at the conference confused by your name, do they have an idea of what you’re business is doing, do they have an idea what your product does or do you have to explain the name to them, are you confusing yourself?

Your company name needs to be evocative or self-explanatory. If you’re trying hard to tell people what your company does after you tell them you company name, maybe it’s time to rethink it.  If you’re going with an evocative company name over a descriptive company name, your potential customer must at least get a feel for your company, they must know whether your business or product is going to be interesting, or solid, or creative, innovative or have rock solid security.

Sometimes people realize, as they’re trying to explain the connection between their name and product, that their company name isn’t really a match.  So don’t be shy about telling people your company name ideas, even though you may not get the reaction you want, you may get the idea that you have to consider a name change.

company naming ideas and tips

Company Naming Tip #15

Do you know where your Company Name and Domain Name have been?

If we had a dollar for every time our Mother’s asked us that question, well…..  But, on a more serious note, do you know where your company name and domain have been?

We’ve said it over and over again; your company name and your domain name need to be the same but do you know the history of those names?  The easiest way to find out is to do a simple Search Engine search.

Type your company name and/or domain name, together and separate; with and without the dot-com (check all variations) into any one of your Search Engines; Bing, Google, whatever, and see what comes up.

Old pages from the former users floating around the web that’s fine. Click on these pages and see what they were using it for. If the content you find is lascivious in any way that may be a big problem.  Adult sites, troublesome content, and other content you don’t want associated with your site, should make you reconsider the name. Search Engines may hold this agents you, even if you’re the new owner.

Dig deep, go back several pages, do your research; you don’t want someone else’s past hurting your future.

company naming ideas and tips

Company Naming Tip #14

Learn what your company name means in a foreign language.

There is nothing worse than developing a great company name and growing that business, just to expand into a new country, then learning that your company name means something embarrassing, or worse.

Chevrolet and other huge companies have fallen victim to not checking their company or product name in the local language before expanding.

Simply searching in any search engine you can get a good idea of any interesting meaning of your company name.

company naming ideas and tips

Company Naming Tip #13

A picture may be a thousand words but your company name is EVERYTHING!

Why you may believe that your company name is for you, ultimately your company name should be part of your broader marketing plan.  Will your target market understand who you are, what you do, or at very least, know the “kind” of company that you are by simply reading your company name?

If the answer is no, go back to the drawing board.  How are people to know what you do or what you sell if you don’t tell them in your company name?  You may be asking yourself, well some of the biggest companies in the world aren’t named after their products or services.

You’re right but, think about how long those companies have been around.  Now think about how much money they’ve spent on marketing over those many years.  Do you have that kind of money to spend on marketing?

We’re not necessarily saying that must literally name your company after your product or service but, at least your name should reflect the kind of company that you are.  Your target market should be able to figure out if you’re innovative, bold, strong, smart or whatever else you want them to know just by reading your company name.

Company Naming Tip #12

Were you thinking about starting your business name with an article?

Well, if you’re going for a more homely or small-town feel, it may be a something to consider. For example, “The Corner Shop” or “The Cheese Shop.”

Whereas our Company Naming Team believes that starting your company name with an article may be a cute, it does come with some challenges.  To begin, you would have to promote the word “The.”  This means that you would also have to include the “The” into your domain name.

That in turn would lead to the second problem.  Your potential customers may forget to add the article when they’re typing your business name into browser.  And they’ll need to remember the article when they’re looking to contact you.

While we think it could be interesting to name your company with an article it does come with its own problems; proceed with caution.

company naming ideas and tips

Company Naming Tip #11

Sometimes more is well…. Just more.

During the company naming process, don’t be afraid to get down as many company name ideas you can, down on the paper.  We’re talking the good, the bad, and the ones only a mother would love.

As a base of reference, when our Company Name Development Team is working a Custom Naming service, we generally produce a few thousand. Between our creativity exercises, mind mapping, and other proprietary processes, we’ll have a huge list to work from.

People sometimes ask if that’s too many ideas.  We’ve found, after you remove the names from the list, where you can’t procure the exact match dot-com domain, you’re suddenly left with not that many at all; and you keep narrowing down from there.

Never be concerned about getting really creative and developing a huge list.

At the end of the day:  the bigger the list + the more to choose from = better the company name ideas you’ll find!

company naming ideas and tips

Company Naming Tip #10

We have a motto here at Company Namings:  If you can’t obtain the exact match dot-com domain, then you must reconsider a company name change.

Dot-com domains are a must have for every small business and startup.  In fact, they’ve become the “de facto” or go-to domain name extension.

If you have any other extension domain extention (ie – .co, .org or .net) you’re just going to be sending people to other websites.  The worst possibility is that you may be sending people to your competition.

Don’t help your competition succeed by sending them business because you have the wrong domain extension.

company naming ideas and tips

Company Naming Tip #9

When naming your company, consider your long term strategy.

Don’t take a name now that you’re going to find limiting later. If you are going to expand in the future to include more and different products, don’t get a very specific company name.

If your business is going to expand into another town, state or country, don’t chose a company name that is going to limit you to any specific area.

Think ahead, don’t let your company name of today, limit you in the future.

company naming ideas and tips

Company Naming Tip #8

Your company name not only has to be easy to communicate, it has to sound good.

Sound out your company name idea over and over again.  Look at your company name and try breaking it down into different syllables if possible.  Try looking at your name ideas as your customer would, like you’re seeing it for the first time.

Are there different ways to pronounce your company name idea?  When you repeatedly sound out your company name idea you may find that there’s an alternative way of pronouncing your name.  You may find that one of the pronounced ways may just sound odd or worse, sound rough or crude which may come back to haunt you at a later date.

Take your time in choosing the right name for your company and this means taking a few minutes to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and try “re-seeing” your company name for the first time and sound it out.

company naming ideas and tips

Company Naming Tip #7

The company name that you choose for your new venture represents you. Your name is your brand, and your brand is your first introduction to your customers.

Potential customers will likely first come in contact with your company by seeing your name. That initial introduction is like meeting your boss in an elevator. You only have your audience for a very limited amount of time and in that few seconds you have to introduce yourself, tell him what you do and what you can do for him.

*ding – we’re at his floor, doors open and your boss walks out.

Did you do it? Does he know who you are? Will you get that call for a big promotion or will you be walking out with a cardboard box full of your personal items, followed by a security guard?

Your customers are your boss and every day they vote to hire or fire you, they vote with their wallet. Don’t get fired make the right introduction with a great company name and brand.

company naming ideas and tips

Company Naming Tip #6

Acronyms can make for an interesting company name.

An acronym is a word or words created by the first letter or components of a series of other words.  What?

TMZ stands for Thirty Mile Zone, a reference to the area around Los Angeles movie studios use for pricing, Amex stands for American Express, and GEICO stands for Government Employees Insurance Company.

If you’re having trouble developing a company name this may be an interesting way to go but you don’t just have to use words, you can do the same with the owners or founders name; for example, Adidas is the combination of ADIof and DASsler.

You may just have a hit company name on your hands, like SCUBA, Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus!

company naming ideas and tips

Company Naming Tip #5

Choose a company name that’s easy to communicate.  We have what’s called the “Grandma Test.” If you told your Grandma your start up or product name, would she be able to remember it and communicate it to her friends?

While some industries want edgier names and Grandma isn’t exactly your Target Market but still, she should be able to pronounce the name.

If not Grandma, see if your friends, siblings, cousins, or coworkers, have a hard time pronouncing or remembering your name.  You’ll want these people, or demographic, to be able to tell others about your new venture.

Never underestimate the power of “word of mouth” marketing and to do that you name needs to be remembered and communicated clearly.

company naming ideas and tips

Company Naming Tip #4

Question, what is your company name is going to look like?  What does my company name look like?  What on earth are you talking about, you may ask?

It sounds a bit odd at first we know but, think about what your company name is going to look like designed into a logo, and further yet, what is that name going to look designed as a sign on the side of a building, side of a van, business card or even on top of a hat, pen and whatever.

Think about what your name is going to like on the side of your product.  Does your name look like it’s going to look cool on the side of the skis you’ve designed, skateboard, clothing or new beverage product?

Also consider how the letters work together and how they look next to each other and think about how the word can fits all together.

If you’re torn between two different naming ideas, go for the name that looks the best!

company naming ideas and tips

Company Naming Tip #3

“Don’t Tread on Me”, wasn’t just a battle cry of our forefathers it’s the battle cry of every business that feels they’re being infringed upon by someone using a confusingly similar business name.

A simple check with the USPTO or United States Patent and Trademark Office website will save everyone a lot of time and money.  Plugging your company name ideas into the website search section, will pull up everyone doing business under that name and under what “Classification of Goods and Services” in which they’re doing business under.

Remember, just because someone is using the same name as you, doesn’t mean you can’t.  Think “United Airlines” and “United Moving Company,” they’ve both Trademarked the name “United” but because they’re in such different “Classifications” they both can use the same name.

Just make sure you are in a separate industry if you do see a assimilate  and not “confusingly similar” as the Trademark office would put it.

Don’t tread on someone else’s company name ideas and make sure to protect your own.

company naming ideas and tips

Company Naming Tip #2

When you’re naming your company, think about your target market, who exactly are you marketing to and gear your company name to them.

If you’re target market is young men, they Shelly’s Shop won’t work, even if your name is Shelly. But, that same name will work for women in a certain market.

Your company name is not just for you, it should be designed to strike a chord with your focus customers. We always believe that looking at your Business Plan, is always a great place to start when considering your target market.

When we name companies and product we always ask, who your target market is, describe them to us. This is one of the most important questions we ask on our, Naming Briefing Form.

Please let us know if we can help you name your company.

company naming ideas and tips

Company Naming Tip #1

Your company name has to convey what you do and the kind of company that you are.  While we’re not suggesting that you have to be overly specific, in fact we’d suggest against it as it can limit you in the future, you do have to convey what type of business you are.

For example, if you’re company is developing computer programs, your company name should be forward thinking, if you company is dealing with other people’s money, your company name should sound solid and evoke longevity, ect.

Think about what you do and consider how you want people to think about your company or product, and design your name around that.

company naming ideas and tips

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