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Q. Is Company Namings the right company for me?

If you’re a small or midsized company starting out or if you’re launching a product or website, yes Company Namings is right for you.

Here’s why.

Most people starting a small or midsized company are experts in their field, be it technology, health care, the law or manufacturing but they’re not experts in marketing, brand development or company naming, nor do they need to be because we are.

You’re experts in your field and we’re experts in ours. Let combined strengths of the Company Namings team work for you in getting the best company or product name that you may never have thought of by yourself.


Q. How does the company naming process work?

A. has made the name development process quick and easy. Begin by choosing one of our custom company naming plans – Company Naming Plans, then fill out our short naming briefing form Naming Briefing Form. Our naming experts will get to work to create names specifically for your business – all based on your input.


Q. Will each name recommends include the dot-com domain?

A. Yes and no. The company or product names that we would present you would all be available for immediate registration. You would have to set up the register on your end and you would be responsible for registering the domain name. It’s also up to you if you would like to register more than one name.

So yes all the company and product names that we suggest to you would all be available in the .com for immediate registration and no, the domain name does not come with the price or with the suggestions.


Q. Do you include other domain extensions?

Unless you tell us otherwise, we’ll only recommend names with the dot-com extension. Dot-com is globally recognized for business so that’s all we’ll recommend. You won’t get any name listings that end in dot-org, dot-net or other domain extension.


Q. What if I don’t like the names that you recommend?

A. Our Express naming package includes 50 red-hot names – that’s a lot of choice. Our Deluxe Start-Up package and Corporate naming packages provide you with an opportunity to give the naming team input on the names you liked (and didn’t like). We’ll go back to the drawing board, re-strategize and come up with a fresh new set of names based on your feedback.


Q. What is included in my naming report?

A. All Naming reports include a targeted set of 50, 100 or more custom created company names depending on the naming package that your purchase. You’ll also receive conceptual framework analysis, objectives and name analysis, evaluation tools and a dedicated project manager who will oversee every aspect of your project from start to finish.


Q. Can I use your company name suggestions within my industry?

On the Company naming Briefing Form, there is a section where we ask for your primary competitors and the Company Namings team will stay well clear of these names. Our team will also do some research within your industry to see what type of names are your competitors are using. We’ll also stay clear of these names as well.

Company Namings prides itself on different and unique names that stand out from the competition and we do our research to steer clear of your competition. That said we do not do a trademark screening; that would be up to you.

You can do a quick Trademark Search at the US Patent and Trademark Website.


Q. If I buy a Company Name on your site, can I Trademark the name?

It would be hard for us to say whether you can Trademark the name you buy from Company Namings or any other Brand Development site.

A little background here:  The entire span of commerce has been broken down by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) into categories, known as, Classifications of Goods and Services.

Depending on whether a name is being use and/or claimed within one of those categories will determine if you can use or claim a Trademark within that classification.

If we’re performing one of our Custom Company Naming services for you, we’ll try to stay clear of other names within your category, giving you a better chance at claiming the name.

No one on the Company Namings Team is a Trademark Attorney nor do we pretend to be one so, the onus is on you to check if the name is trademarkable but, we’ll try our best to stay clear of similar names.

If you’re buying a name from our “pre-developed” categories, it is 100% up to you to check if a name is trademarkable.

So, we can’t really answer that question but, we will direct you to the USPTO website, where you can easily search the website to see if you can use the name or not.


Q. Where do I register the company name or product name suggestions?

Where you register the domain names that we suggest as part of Company Name Suggestions is totally up to you. You may have a register already with domain names but if not, you’ll need to set one up on your end. You’ll need to set up the register so you can purchase the domain names that come with the company name suggestions.

If you don’t have a domain register, it’s easy to set up and most are free. Some of the largest domain registers include GoDaddy, 1&1, Host Gator and then there are many, many more.


Q. How much is a domain name?

All of the domain names that Company Namings suggests are names that are not registered and can be easily registered for $7 to $20 depending on what domain name register you use.

If you wish to consider names that are for sale on the aftermarket please let the Company Namings team know along with how much you would be willing to pay for one of these names.


Q. How long does it take to get a domain name from your suggestion list?

Well this really depends on which domain register you go with. At the time of us presenting you with the Company Name Suggestions, we suggest that you immediately register your favorite domains off the list.

While the names are all available when we present them to you, we cannot guarantee that they will be there for any length of time.

As far as how long does buying the domain name and getting it into your account, again depending on the register, generally a few hours. You just go into your register, put the Company Name Suggestion into the search, the come comes up and you buy it and it should transfer right into your account.


Q. When I register the domain name, will I own it forever?

Once you register the domain name, yes, you can keep it forever as long as you keep it registered. This would be your responsibility to keep the domain name registered. Once we suggest the company names and you register the name, it is the buyers responsibility to keep it registered.

Depending on what domain register you go with, you can usually register the name for one year, three years or ten years. Now most registers have a button you can tick where it automatically renews the domain registration after the allotted time.

Domain registers are in business to keep people paying for the domain name, so as you approach the end of the allotted time, they keep sending emails, they do not make it easy to let a domain name drop, so this isn’t something to worry about.


Q. What are fees for keeping a domain name?

Generally a domain costs about $7 to $10 per year. So, if you are renewing the domain for 5 years you would have to pay $50.


Q. What other fees does Company Namings charge?

None. We just have our different types of company naming and there are no other fees. You are required to just buy the domain name and that is just $7 to $10.


Q. How do I start the naming process?

There are two ways to get started, the first is to go ahead and purchases one of the different naming packages we have available. From here, we will process the payment and send you our, Company Naming Briefing Form. You’ll fill out the form as best you can, and we’ll get started on our end.

You can also have a look at the Company Naming Briefing Form online. You can simply copy it into a word document and answer the questions at will and simply submit the form with you payment.


Q. What types of naming packages do you have?

The team at Company Namings realizes that not everyone needs the same type of naming package. Some smaller companies need a smaller, quicker package, while some large companies need more input and features. Because of this, the Company Namings team has designed three distinct Naming Packages, one building on the next.

To compare and read a more in-depth description of our different types of Company Naming Packages please see their descriptions.


Q. How long does the naming process take?

Well this really depends on which of the Naming Packages that you decide to go with and there are several other factors that goes into the time as well. The Express Naming Package can be quite quick with a turnaround time of three or four business days after receiving the naming questionnaire back.

Because of the nature of the Deluxe and Institutional Packages, due to their more interactive nature they will take a bit longer. Please let the naming team know if you are in huge rush as we will try to expedite the process and sooner we hear back from you on the intereactive steps the faster the process will be.


Q. Who works on the Naming Team?

Your Dedicated Project Manager will put together a team of people with a broad and diverse background. This way your Company Naming Suggestions are well rounded and our experts have found that having people from different industries really helps with the naming process. It would be impossible for us to say now who exactly would be on the naming team.

That said there are several steps to the naming process which is follow each and every time. The process includes, Brain Storming, Mind Mapping, Elimination Processes and running names and phrases through highly developed algorithms.


Q. Will anyone on the team talk about my naming project with anyone else?

Each member of the development team will sign a confidentiality agreement to not share, discuss or use any information provided on the Company Naming Briefing Form. We know you’re sharing proprietary information on the form and we take this very seriously.


Q. I have additional questions. How can I contact you?

A. Give us a call at US 1-800-852-8900 UK 44 20 8144 7933 or send us an e-mail at We’re available to answer all your questions.


Q. How do I get started?

A. Just pick the Company Naming plan that best meets your needs. No matter the size of your company or product out Team will develop the best name for you.  Click here: Get Started on Finding Your Company Name

We’re not going to tell you that everyone needs a custom company name and for that reason, our Team has developed company names for specific categories.  Now, you can flip through these names and if one of them fits you, make the purchase and get started today.  This is the fastest way to get a company name and the matching dot-com domain name together in a package so, you can get started working today.