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Company Naming Tip #33

A great company name is one that grabs attention and stands out.  One way to achieve this is by using a common word or name from one industry, in another.  This once common name or word becomes something entirely different in a new setting or environment. 

A great example of this new word use, appears in the semibiographical movie “Jobs.”  Here we see Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the founders of Apple, during his company naming process.  They’re getting creative and bouncing different names around when (according to the movie), Jobs has an epiphany.

The name “Apple” pops into Jobs’ head as apples are refreshing and everyone wants one.  While we’re not really sure how true or not this is, however, he was absolutely correct about the thinking and name.

While the name “apple” is a common word, an everyday object actually, it’s completely unexpected within the technology industry.  The tech industry, particularly at the time when Apple was created, was dominated by companies with names such as IBM, Hewlett Packard and the like.

To see the word “apple” in the food and beverage industry or in an actual market, isn’t groundbreaking.  However, “Apple” takes on an entirely new meaning and jumps out within an industry full of stodgy old names, such as the tech field was then.

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