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Company Naming Tip #32

Before an entrepreneur launches their company, or even get’s a loan, they need a company name.  Of the entrepreneurs who choose to name their own company, many find themselves in the same situation.

It’s often during this naming process that many an entrepreneur get stuck.  This impasse comes from frustration the inability to make a final decision.   

The advice which we give to many clients is to stop, take a breath, and work on something else for a time period.  The naming experts here like to say that you may have to wait for that “ah ha” moment.

As you’re developing name, there’s lots of ideas flowing and everything else launching a business comes with.  The company naming process alone is filled with notes, ideas, and quite possibly whiteboards filled with words, partial words, names, competitors, and the rest.

You may find this a stressful situation.

Therefore, we suggest that the entrepreneur lay all of their ideas then push them to the side.  Don’t get rid of them just put them somewhere that’s easily accessible, maybe even still in sight.

Take a step back, or work on something else for a little bit.  Every once-in-a-while, take a glance over that your ideas. 

Is there an idea, or part of an idea that you’re naturally drawn to?  Sometimes something new will pop out at you and grab your attention. We’ve all heard Oprah call it an “Ah ha” moment.  Others may call this burst of inspiration, a lightbulb going off.

Of the ideas on the table which did pop out to you, put them together.  Try taking these words add them together in different ways.  First one in front of the other, then in all different combinations.

You may find that one or more of these combinations will be the perfect company name for you.

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