Company Naming Plan B

Deluxe Start Up Naming Package

Deluxe Start Up Naming Package



The Deluxe Start-Up Name Package is our most popular package. With this plan we get your feedback for a perfect company name!

The Deluxe Start-Up Package is our most popular naming plan and there are few reasons why. Firstly this package been perfectly designed for a larger venture and the best part is that’s a more collaborative effort.

You’ll receive all of the features of the Express Company Naming Package including a dedicated Project Manager who will present your Project Briefing From to your handpicked naming team. This team will go through the entire mind mapping techniques, free association workshop, and creative exercises as in the Express Package.

With this package, you still get the same great Naming Recommendation Report with our Evaluation Worksheet and all of the exercises you would need to help narrow down your choices, grade your recommendations, and tips on Trademark screening your name, all in an effort to get you thinking about your company and which name would work best for you but, with this package you’ll get much more.

Instead of the 50 company name recommendations we would present you 100 company names, all of which would be available for registration immediately.

The best feature of the package is that we get your feedback and get back to the project board!

With your Naming Report we include a feedback form where we ask you to evaluate not just the Naming Recommendations but our thinking process.

You may love a particular aspect of the naming and want to pursue it further, you may feel we were off with something and want to go another direction or quite commonly or our recommendations may spur something within your team that we or you didn’t think of before and that you would like to explore.

The Deluxe Start-Up Naming Package is collaborative, quick and still at great price, and that’s why it’s our most popular Naming Package!

We really encourage you to check out both the Express Company Naming Package, if you’re looking for a quick and great resource and the Institutional Company Naming Package if you’re a bit larger of a resource and need a fully collaborative process.

If you have any questions about this or any other of our Naming Packages please contact the Company Namings Team.