What is an Evocative Company Name and How Do I Create One

What is an Evocative Company Name and How Do I Create One

What is an Evocative Company Name and How Do I Create OneWhat is and Evocative Company Name and How Do I Create One

Over the past few weeks we have broken down the three main types of company naming that we do here at Company Namings, of course there are lots of in between and gray area between them and way too much to discuss for this blog, but be sure to check out for others.

We’ve talked about How We Approach Creative Company Naming and Compound Descriptive Company Names in past blogs and today I want to touch on the Evocative Company Name, how to create an Evocative Company Name what one can do for you.

The dictionary describes the term “evocative” as something that evokes or describes, reminds or is reminiscent of another thing and in the case of company naming that “thing” would be you company, product or service.  If you’ve read our blog, Compound Descriptive Company Names, you’ll know that many of the compound descriptive names have already been take, the easy and generic ones, such as, PoolClean.com, BathSoap.com or even CarSales.com but, with some imagination you can evoke these same company names with other names, and that dear reader is the beauty of the evocative company name.

Evocative Names for a Company:

The Evocative Company Name can really be a compound descriptive with the simple help of a good imagination.  One great positive of this type of name is that there is a good possibility that you can still get the dot-com domain name which is a must, and there is a good chance that you’ll be able to trademark the name, where you’ll have a lot of trouble with a compound descriptive.

Let’s take a look at some examples, HouseCleaner.com is gone, I don’t even need to look it up, it was one of those generic names that was purchased in the 90’s and sold for a few hundred thousand dollars a few years ago but…let’s find an evocative name that may work.  How about “casa” for house, or “villa,” “Dwell,” “Casa,” or even “Crib?”  For “clean” you can put “sparkle” “fresh” “neat” “tidy” or how about “spotless?”

Would you know what a company called “NeatCasa.com” or “DwellSparkle.com?”

Evocative names don’t have to be a compound either.  Evocative Company Names can also be just one word, “Sparkleizm” or “Dwellea” or “Freshin” would also be evocative company names.

Now, we like to present all sides of the argument to you as well.  Overly descriptive names can be difficult to trademark, you obviously not Trademark the words “clean” or “sparkle” but you can possibly if the word is in combination with another word or it is one of the made up words that we came up with.  Also you have to think like your customer and evoke something in their minds because the name is for them, be it a B2B or for a consumer.

If the name is overly descriptive you may not let your potential clients know exactly what it is that your company is, does or what your services or products are.

If you have any questions about this type of company name or more about our how our naming company works, just let us know by posting your question below or feel free to contact the Company Namings team, we’re here to help.

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