Company Naming Plan C

Corporate or Institutional Naming Package

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The Institutional Custom Naming Package has been designed for the larger venture. It’s hugely collaborative between our team any yours to make sure you get the best company name!

The Institutional Naming Package has been designed with a larger venture in mind. If you’re a larger venture and looking for a serious naming program or if you’re an established company looking to rebrand this may be the perfect solution for you.

This package comes with all the other features as the Express Naming Plan and the Deluxe Start-Up Plan but this package comes with much more.

Brimming with useful features, this plan includes a Dedicated Project Manager, all the Naming Recommendations will be available instantly for .com registration, and you’ll still have your naming team handpicked for your specific project but this is a much more collaborative project.

This is a much more involved process starting with your personal Dedicated Project Manager. Once you’ve filled out the Project Briefing Form your Project Manager will schedule a conference call where they will go through it with you or your team to make sure everything is exactly on target.

They will make sure your team and ours knows exactly what you’re looking for and go over any questions that you may have so that we come up with the perfect name.

This Naming Recommendation Report will be slightly different from the other two packages in that your report be will structured into Naming Clusters and will have a Mind Mapping Report & Analysis.

The Mind Mapping Report and Analysis is a description of our thinking, ideas and the directions we went and this will be broken down into our recommendations in themed clusters. The clusters will have our central or core idea with the naming recommendations built around them so you can see our thinking process to make sure it is in line with your company’s strategy and overall objectives.

Once you have gone over the report, we’ll schedule an appointment for your personal Project Manager will go over it with you and your team. This will grantee that we’re all on the same page, see if it has spurred any new thoughts from your team, see where we have gone too far off the trajectory, if there are any areas you would like to pursue further and to see if there is anything you would like to discuss.

What makes this package more involved is that we will return to the project board several more times to get it right. This package is takes more time but your Project Manager will insure your name will be in perfect simpatico with your company’s objectives and strategy.

To see how this package differences from Express Company Naming Package and the Deluxe Start-Up Naming please just follow the links.

Please contact the Company Namings staff with any issue or questions you may have, we’re here to help.