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Welcome to Company Namings

Company Namings is a global leader in developing quality company and product names for small and mid-size companies.

Throughout the years, we’ve created thousands of company names that are hard to forget. You know, the names that stick with you. These are the names that stick with and you remember. These are the names instill trust and the name you turn to when you need that service or product!

To begin, our team has worked with clients of all sizes — Fortune 500, mid-sized, mom-and-pop — in virtually every industry.

Company Namings’ prides itself on the vastly diverse background of the naming team. Over the years we have added team members who are former College Professors, Business Owners, Naming Specialists, Artists, IT Consultants, Web Developers, Art Gallery Directors, Restaurant Managers and more.

Having this diversity gives us a more well-rounded approach to each and every naming project. When you have the diverse background you are able to look at the same project from many different perspectives. You need to think like your customer and not just as the company owner.

We have spent a great deal of time developing our Naming Briefing Form so we can get to know your business so we can streamline your company name with your goals and objectives with how you want your customers to perceive of you.

To learn more about us just have a look at some of the great company names and you’ll see who we are and what we do!

Company Namings is part of Educational Assistance, Inc., founded in 1979.

To learn more about what Company Namings does and the difference between our types of company naming plans please see Our Services.

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