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Company Namings understands that there is as many different sizes of companies as there are types of companies. Because of this, the Company Namings Team has developed three different types of Company Naming Packages.

Or Entrepreneur Package, Express Company Naming, has our quickest turnaround to insure you get you name, get out in the market and working as quickly as possible.

The second package, and by far our most popular, the Deluxe Start Up Custom Naming Package has a great interactive feature which most people are looking for.

Our largest naming package, Institutional Company Naming has been designed with larger firms in mind; often existing companies looking to rebrand or expand with an new company or product.

Each Naming Package is briefly described below but for more details and a full in-depth description, just click on the package you’re interested in, to be directed to their individual page.

If you have any questions along the way please Contact Us, we’re more than happy to help.

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Brief Descriptions of our Exciting Company Naming Plans

With our three great types of company naming services we have a plan that fits the need of everyone starting a business, launching a company, re-branding a business, naming a product or even naming a service Company Namings has the plan for you.

Express Company Naming Plan

Our Express Plan is perfect for someone in need of a quick professional company or product name. With the Express Company Naming plan you get a dedicated Project Manager who will guide you through the entire process.

Your Project Manager will put together a team, who will go over your concepts’ objectives and all other aspects outlined in the Project Briefing Form. Based on your answers, you will receive 50 Custom Name Recommendations, all of them coupled with exact match .com domain names that can be registered immediately. To learn more about the Express Custom Naming package please follow the link.

express company naming plan

Deluxe Start-Up Company Naming Plan

The Deluxe Start-Up Company Naming Package is the most popular company naming package. While this package has all the great features of the Express Custom Naming Package it a few extras that sets it apart. With your Custom Naming Recommendations your Dedicated Project Manager will include a Feedback Spreadsheet so as you go through your recommendations you can mark which you like, dislike and the ones you really like.

While many times our naming team will find the perfect company name other times clients want to see more names. Often our company name recommendations may spur inspiration for the client or even make our clients think differently about how they wish to name their company and other clients really see one aspect in the original report that they wish to explore further – and that’s the beauty of the Deluxe Start-Up Custom Company Naming Package, you can do just that.

With this package we’ll take your comments and ideas, get the naming team together and develop more names based on your information. This is the perfect opportunity to hone in hone in on the perfect company or product name. To learn more about the Deluxe Start-Up Custom Company Naming Package please just follow the link.

Deluxe Start-Up Naming Package

Institutional Company Naming Plan

Take all of the wonderful features of the Express and Deluxe Start-Up plans and more robust features and you’ve got our Institutional Company Naming Plan. This naming plan has been created for a larger venture or an existing company that may have run into possible trademark or name problems.

We’ve taken the greatest feature from the previous plan and stepped it up. Your Dedicated Project Manager will sit down with you (over the phone or conference call) and go over your Project Briefing Form to make sure the entire team is on the same page. Your Project Manager will also follow up with you after you receive your recommendations and have had time to go over them and will and discuss the results.

Company Namings will repeat the process several more times to make sure you have the perfect name for your company or service. To learn more about the Institutional Company Naming Plan please follow the link.

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