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Remember Your Target Marked When Picking Your Product or Company Name

Focus On Your Target Market for Your Company Name   Recently we’ve been posting some blogs, where we’ve had our experts talk about some company names that we really like, whether or not we created them and it seems that everyone is excited by the blogs so we’ll do some more. (see Awesome Name for […]

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Awesome Name for a Company

Awesome Name for a Company   We promised a while back that we would be bringing you some company names that stick out to us for good or bad reasons and, more importantly, why we think these business names work or in some cases don’t work. A little while ago we came across this company […]

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Creative Company Naming

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This being our first official Company Namings blog and we wanted to bring you a bit about how we work and what kinds of names we develop. Do you remember the first time you heard someone use the name “Google?”  Did it grab your attention?  Did it make you think, “Hey what’s that” and “I’ve […]

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