How To Name A Company

how to name your companyHow To Name A Company

At, we offer the coolest company naming services at prices for every budget.

We understand that when you’re launching a company or product not everyone has a lot of capital on hand to pay for a huge naming service to help them.

Our experts know how to name a company and they know that not every new company needs a full comprehensive naming package that may take a long time and a considerable amount of money, that’s why we’ve developed three different naming packages.

How exactly we go about developing a name for a company will not be disclosed but we can say that after we receive your Naming Briefing Form we pull together several different naming professionals, this will comprise your naming team.

From here, we’ll discuss internally your company’s core goals or product features and start to develop words or phrases. We have several different mind mapping and free association exercises and then we’ll do research.

Our experts will look into how your company operates or how your product works, how your competitors work and look at what others are doing in your industry.

We’ll reconvene and discuss the new information among your Naming Team.

From here we have several algorithms where we’ve developed where we’ll create several thousand names. This list needs to check against available domain names which will narrow down the list considerably.

Our naming team will go through this list to see how these names work for your company or product; considerably narrowing the list down further.

We’ll work on this list and develop more even more names until we find great names that will work perfectly for your company.

How we name a company at Company Namings is the same as other naming companies except we’re fast, we have different naming packages where one will fit everyone’s budget and our recommendations always come with the corresponding exact match dot-com domain name.

Check out our three different company naming packages below, figure which works best for you and put our naming gurus to work to develop the perfect name for your new business.