Institutional Company Naming Plan

Institutional Company Naming Plan


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Take all of the wonderful features of the Express and Deluxe Start-Up plans and more robust features and you’ve got our Institutional Company Naming Plan. This naming plan has been created for a larger venture or an existing company that may have run into possible trademark or name problems.

We’ve taken the greatest feature from the previous plan and stepped it up. Your Dedicated Project Manager will sit down with you (over the phone or conference call) and go over your Project Briefing Form to make sure the entire team is on the same page. Your Project Manager will also follow up with you after you receive your recommendations and have had time to go over them and will and discuss the results.

Company Namings will repeat the process several more times to make sure you have the perfect name for your company or service. To learn more about the Institutional Company Naming Plan please follow the link.

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